The Taken Path Documentary Film

A back story about this project…

First of all, I am not Asian American. I came to the States 4 years ago and the time I spent living with different uncles and aunts gives me an opportunity to experience different parentings of my Asian immigrant relatives. I have always been interested in cultures and communications and I take advantage of this capstone project to learn more about this dynamic aspect of human relationship.

Fast-forward to my years here at UT Dallas studying Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC)… It has been a turning-point experience in my life. I have never been so motivated to learn more from the¬†extraordinary individuals I meet here. EMAC¬†is fascinating, and the Internet is a magical place. The new media have changed and shaped the way we communicate and connect to others. And I thought about how the emerging media have impacted on the young Asian American’s identity, which motivated me to work on this project.

The process:

The documentary is about 16 minute-long with three parts: case studies on Asian American Youtube personalities, Asian parents’ voice, and the realization of young Asian American.